Features & System Requirements

License Types

We currently offer two types of license for version 3 of WHM AutoPilot:

Minimum Server Requirements

To successfully install and operate the script there are some items that need to be in place or particular server side modules installed. Below you will find standard specifications and requirements for our products.

Minimum Reseller Requirements

If you're running AutoPilot as a reseller on a non-root account you will be given one of a number of different permissions by your webhost. Some webhosts give you access to many options while others just the very bare minimum. Below is a list of what you will need to have active to properly utilise the script.

Firewall Settings

For the script to work it's critical that it be able to communicate with your servers via the control panel APIs – this may mean allowing access to certain ports in your firewall. For cPanel you'll need to allow ports 2082, 2083, 2086, and 2087, for DirectAdmin port 2222, and for Plesk port 8443.

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